Our Webhosting Service

We run a free, limited, shared webhosting service for all TechSoc members. The servers we use has achieved 99.99% uptime last year.

✔ You get 2GB of server space.
And we can host domains you bought.

✔ Do check out our guide to setting up your FTP client.
(Coming Soon)

✔ Ask for MySQL and Postgres dbs if you want one.

✘ Don’t use it as a file server.
We are not Dropbox.

✘ Don’t upload copyright infringing files or illegal data. Or porn.

✘ Don’t host an online shop database. We do not provide SSL.

Find out more by emailing us at admin@bruneltech.org.uk

By using this service, you agree to our webmaster using scripts to search for files violating usage policy. You will be notified if your directory was visited manually by a committee member.