Our September and October Socials

Our first two socials have been smashing successes!

September: Meet and Greet

Our first social was a great session of just giving our members a chance to mingle with each other. More than 65 people from freshers to final year students turned up. There was also a lucky draw for some fun merchandise (a phone charger and a touchscreen stylus) from our sponsor Accenture.
Sept Social

October: Enterprise Architecture

We had invited some lovely folks from the Enterprise Architecture Specialist Group of BCS, The Chartered Institute of IT. Iakov and Sachin were very enthusiastic and they run us through the most popular architecture frameworks and primers in under an hour. They also covered why standardization is difficult and how architectural transitions are done in an agile manner. Our 51 attending members also got a chance to get to know more about what they do in IBM and Arup Digital.
Oct Social
Oct Social

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