BibleQuotes: a Rails Project

BibleQuotes is a faith-based social network for posting inpsiring quotes from the Bible or about Christianity to share with people.
How it started:

I really wanted to learn Ruby on Rails – I’d been doing some basic tutorials and things but wasn’t getting very far. I decided that, to progress, I needed to actually build a proper product (even if it is tiny).

I’m a Christian, and knew that people struggled to remember Bible verses sometimes, or just wanted to note down inspirational verses for later use. So I built BibleQuotes, which means I could learn Ruby on Rails and now I had a side-project I could talk about.

Advice and Recommendations:

Currently, BibleQuotes is hosted on Heroku’s free hosting tier, but that will run out soon so will need to find another host. I’ve used PostgreSQL because it works well with Heroku and is often a lot faster and has more advanced features than MySQL. I’ve also used Sass (a CSS preprocessor) as it makes writing CSS a lot faster and easier – it has clever features like Mixins, variables, nesting and functions which CSS does not currently support.

The most difficult part was getting started, and then once the initial excitement had gone away, to have the motivation to keep going. I haven’t started pushing it out to users yet (been keeping it in a semi-public alpha so far) but once I do, I expect that to be very challenging too.

About The Author

Tom Oakley

Second year computer science student. Running his own web design agency 5 Lines Creative.
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